At Bassline we offer label quality production, set in a log cabin atmosphere, right in the heart of Scarborough, Ontario Canada. Find yourself in a warm, friendly, at home enviroment to relax and create.


Computer & Software  

AMD 64 3000+ w/240gig hard drive
P4 2ghz 160
gig hard drive - -- ProTools LE
Samplitude 7 Professional
Samplitude 6 Producer
Presonus Firestation 8 I/Os 24 bit A/D D/A Firewire through mLAN, Spdif, Adat, BNC Word Clock


Tape Machines  

24 track HD24/ 24 bit 96khz 240 gig hard drive
Fostex E-16 Analogue tape



Soundcraft Ghost 24 channel



Mackie HR824 high resolution self-powered- ---------- ------- -------- Wharfdale Denton 3s



Pre Amps

TLA 5001 Ivory 2----------------------- Presonus 2 channel digital / tube
Focusrite Red 1 (4 Channel Mic Pre)
ART Dual MP tube
ART TPSII Dual MP tube



8 Ward Beck M480s
Avalon VT 747










Sony DPS-V55--------------------- 2- Digitech Studio Quad V2
Alesis Microverb 3----------- -- Hundreds of plugins



2 - Rode NT2
Sennheiser MD441
AKG C414
Apex 450 Tube mic---------------- 2- Apex Ribbon mics
Shure Beta 52
(6) Shure SM57
(3) Shure SM58
Shure 849
Shure SM54---------------------------- Audio Technica ATPro37R



Instruments --------

1965 Ampeg B-15-(Bass Amp) 1971 Ampeg B-15- (Bass Amp) - Ampeg B-15R 100 watt re-issue (Bass Amp) ---------------------- 1970 silver face Fender Pro Reverb----------------------------- 1972 silver face Fender Champ- Early 60's Supro Tremoverb-- Rhodes 73 Mark 1---------- Farfisa (cheese) organ---- Roland JX-3P analog synth ---- 5 pc Yamaha stage customs




Avalon 747-SP
DBX 566 tube
ART PRO VLA vactrol tube
Aphex 106